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🎉Introducing a new product line – art printed Organic Cotton Fabric.

New Product Line - Organic Cotton Fabric - Create custom eco-friendly clothing!

I had been offering art thru organic cotton masks, tea towel, and so on. But, this is JUST fabric. So this is for you, creative dressmakers or sawing lovers! You can custom make your dress, bags, anything you can think of. I would love to see your creation with my art printed fabrics. Feel free to tag me on Instagram. 🛍️ Visit Art & Eco Goods → Home → Fabric.

💡Select fabric type on the shopping page as there is a wide range of fabric type.

🎁 This design is also available on environmentally friendly products – including Organic cotton mask and pillowcase, biodegradable scarf or phone case, recycled fabric activewear and more! 👉 Shop Now

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