Organic Cotton Masks

Are you wearing the right mask? 😷

Organic Cotton Face Mask - Vintage Summer Floral Print Pattern

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) clarifies ‘How to Select Masks’ on their site. What kind of mask do you want to wear…? Layered filters Washable, Breathable fabric. Cmplete cover for your nose and mouth Fit snugly against the sides of your face, there are no gaps Have a nose wire to prevent from leaking…

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Botanical Footprints on Sustainable goods🌳

Sometimes we need a peaceful design🌼. Charming and minimal surface pattern design Botanical Footprints on Eco goods. This minimal peaceful design is available on Organic Cotton(Fabric, Mask), Recycled-Fabric(Sweat Shirt), Biodegradable/Compostable(iPhone case) and more. Face Mask Crafted with Organic Cotton. Available for Kids, Regular, X-Large. This mask comes with three filters (Activated Carbon Filters). Price: $14USD…

Organic Cotton Masks

💡The reason why organic cotton is better

I read an interesting article on Vogue website regards to Organic cotton.Non-organic cotton requires 2700 litres of water (Reference was WWF) to produce one T-shirt. Did you know? Then, how about Organic ones? Apparently, it will need only 243 litres of water according to the soil association. More I hear about those pieces of information,…