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Botanical Footprints on Sustainable goods🌳

Sometimes we need a peaceful design🌼. Charming and minimal surface pattern design Botanical Footprints on Eco goods. This minimal peaceful design is available on Organic Cotton(Fabric, Mask), Recycled-Fabric(Sweat Shirt), Biodegradable/Compostable(iPhone case) and more. Face Mask Crafted with Organic Cotton. Available for Kids, Regular, X-Large. This mask comes with three filters (Activated Carbon Filters). Price: $14USD…

Biodegradable Phone Case

Are you a Samsung Phone user or iPhone user❔

Abstract Art [AQUA STONE] & [ AQUA STONE 2 ] Biodegradable Samsung Phone Case and iPad Case

I’m a solid iPhone user since they released iPhone 3G back in 2008📱. Now my art line products extended to Samsung series phone case as well as iPad case with a compostable ecology material!🌿 ((*It was only iPhone case before. )) Those compostable case will decompose in six month – two years🍂. (This info was…